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Certified Business

ISCOW (International Standard
Certification Online Websop)

In order to keep pace
with the growing demand of save and secure /> purchase by consumers we offer them certificated
Webshop CIW
(cerificated webshop) and CIWB
(certificated webshop business).
Consumers can
safely make purchases on the ISCOW Certified
and CIWB webshops are
required to comply with international and /> national laws and regulations, conditions of ISCOW.
Iscow also set
itself the objective of consumer
confidence regarding Internet
purchases, phone,
catalog and mail increase. ISCOW certificate a
on the 5 keys; * Product * Delivery *
Safe and secure payment * Privacy
* Service *

Increase Customer Satisfaction whit CIW

The process of registration and certification is
included in our
conditions, status and control
instruments.You can make your application

online by registration.After registration the webshop
will receive
welcome package including
registration forms, conditions, statutes and /> regulations. The forms must be returned within 1
month. By approval of
the webshop, the
certificates issued by certification number. The /> certification number must be included visible in
the webshop. The shop
is locally and
internationally recognized as CIW (certificated
Customers of certified organizations,
consumer associations who wish to
monitor best
practice by certified organizations


Webshops that are certificated by ISCOW as CIW or CIWB
are reliable,
safe and service oriented
organizations. Consumers have a lot of /> confidence by Iscow certified shop. Consumer's make
easy and secure
purchases by CIW or CIWB.
Because all items as product delivery, secure /> payments, are controlled according to the Standards
of ISCOW. The
benefits to be certified is
great, because satisfied customers always /> return. The organization receives a reliable safe
and service-oriented
stamp. ISCOW charges €
160, - - for registration of CIW (certificated /> webshop) The process of registration and
certification is included in
our conditions,
status and control instruments. You can make your /> application online by registration.

Business-to-Business can be certificated as CIWB. The
volume of B2B
transactions is much higher than the volume of /> B2C transactions. The certification process of CIWB
follows a different
route than CIW.

Consumers can make carefree purchase on CIW
(certificated webshops).
We set high standards
for online shops that have been certified.

By certification we look at five keys;

- Product – Delivery - Safe and secure payment -
Privacy - Service

If a key does not meet the standard of ISCOW the
notified webshop
will not certified by ISCOW.
Consumers can register their complaints
ISCOW. Iscow will take your complaints and take action.

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