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converting mp3 Audio into text format

converting mp3 Audio into text format

Want to convert audio file to text
format? Don’t know
how to get it? Don’t
worry! Your search ends here. Transcription star/> is equipped to handle both digital
and non digital audiosrc="http://www.transcriptionstar.com/audio.jpeg"
alt="Audio transcription" align="right" width="120"
height="128"> transcription
It may
include transcription of digital audio formats like
mp3, wav, au
etc. or non digital format like
VHS, micro cassettes, standard tapes
etc. We
also accept all mode of recording like/> business,meeting,conferences,seminars, href="http://www.transcriptionstar.com/market-research.
html" class="sheading1">market research, href="http://www.transcriptionstar.com/interview-transc
ription.html" class="sheading1">interviews, href="http://www.transcriptionstar.com/focus-group.html
" class="sheading1">focus groups, discussion,href="http://www.transcriptionstar.com/podcast.html"
class="sheading1"> podcast, radio shows, TV shows,

alt="Mp3 transcription" align="left" width="86"
height="93">ur company is one of the first movers in
the field of href="http://www.transcriptionstar.com/audio-transcript
ion.html" class="sheading1">audio

that is taking the
outsourcing world by storm. Audio Transcription is/> one of our most sought after services. We are now
the first choice of
many major companies href="http://www.transcriptionstar.com/index.html"
class="sheading1">seeking audio transcription
services in diverse areas like medical, media,
legal as well as types like audio and video.


provide high
quality, affordable audio transcription services with
output services. We have standard and rush
services, both of which are
priced very
affordably. Our standard TAT is 12 x 24 hours after
submission of recorded audio file and also
we accept the audio file in
case of urgency for
which the TAT will be 2 to 4 hours. We have/> satisfied clientele, some of whom were paying
almost twice the charges
that we charge our

class="contg">Clients list and cost

    class="contg">Our clients includeclass="contg"> Police department, class="contg">Media professionals, class="contg">Journalists, class="contg">Independent book authors, class="contg">podcasters, class="contg">Insurance adjusters, class="contg">new media online blogers and
  • University PhD
    students who conduct Dissertation/Thesis

satisfaction is our top priority. 

We have proven track record in
handling audio transcription:

  • Digital dictation transcriber for
    university students in California,
  • class="contg"> recorded meeting and lectures
    transcription with time stamp for New York based
    business meeting, etc.

class="contg">Notation and Document formatting
– want to know our standard type of document

audio transcription is
presented with unique style and format. All our/> clients recording is transcribed by an experienced
transcriber and then
checked for accuracy and
completeness. Below are our standard rules
we follow for your notation and documentation:

  • We/> convert audio files into verbatim and clean
    verbatim. In verbatim we
    transcribe all uh..,
    ah.., and pauses and we also type clean verbatim/> where we omit all unnecessary words like uhm..,
    ahh.., and etc.
  • Use good
    flow of English language with correct usage of grammar
    and spelling
  • Any
    phrases or spelling be unclear, these will be {placed
    square brackets},indicating that this
    requires verification by the
  • class="contg">Time coding/stamping done upon the


class="contg">According to customer satisfaction we
insert the time with no extra charges. We provide
different time stamping, they are:

• Frequency of time coding,

• Audio time code style,

• Subjective time stamping.

We guarantee to provide you the
best quality of our transcription, so there is no
risk. Ask for our free trial

The/> secret behind our success lies in our company
policy of keeping on
striving to meet growing
client expectations and sticking with a/> professional approach in transcribing projects we

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