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Did the Columbine Killers Listen to Marilyn Manson

Did the Columbine Killers Listen to Marilyn Manson

by Evan Long

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Last Updated 28 December 2008

There's been discussion over whether or not accused
Columbine attackers href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/HK_Dead.jpg">Er
ic Harris and Dylan Klebold were listeners to
recordings by Church of Satan reverend Brian Warner.

According to Warner, writing in a May 28, 1999 piece
for Rolling Stone magazine titled "Columbine: Whose
Fault Is It?",

"Responsible journalists have reported [...]
that Harris and Klebold were not Marilyn Manson

Warner seems to cite the reports of these unnamed
journalists as proof that they were not and for many,
this seems to have settled the matter.

However, as can be shown from government documents
created during the government's "investigation" of the
attack, the answer to this question would seem to, in
fact, be yes.

In a release called 936 Pages of Documents Seized from
Harris and Klebold Residences/Vehicles (href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/columbine_docum
entsa.pdf">p. 194, JC-001-026113) is an essay
allegedly written by Eric Harris in which the reader is
exhorted to really "HEAR" the music he or she listens

In it, there is a short list of bands the author
apparently finds appealing.

The sentence reads, in part:

"Songs from bands like RAMMSTEIN, KMFDM,
NIN, M. M."

For those not knowledgeable about this kind of
recordings, "NIN" means "Nine Inch Nails" and in this
context, "M. M." can only mean "Marilyn Manson",
Warner's group having been promoted and their early
recordings produced by the former.

Concerning the taste of Klebold, in a release called
11,000 Pages of Investigative Files, "Associates"
section (href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/p10801-10900.pd
f">pp. 10,826-7, JC-001-010826-7), is a record of
an FBI-transcribed phone call between reported CHS
Trench Coat Mafia leader Chris Morris and former
Harris/Klebold/Morris coworker Phil Duran in which
Morris assisted in attempting to obtain evidence for
the charge that Duran had illegally played a role in
providing Harris and Klebold with a firearm allegedly
used on 4/20.

Amid the chit-chat and Morris' repeated questioning
about Harris' and Klebold's weapons procurement may be
found the following exchange:

Duran: "I mean [...] they didn't even listen
to Marilyn Manson."

Morris: "Yeah I know [...]. I mean Dylan did [...]."

However, as close to a hundred witnesses to the attack
reported evidence of up to a dozen additional attackers
at the school that day, focusing exclusively on topics
such as whether or not Warner's recordings played a
role in Harris and Klebold becoming homicidal would
likely be detrimental to developing a complete
understanding of how and why the attack occurred.

Who was the href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/Chiseled_Face.j
pg">adult reported to have been seen in the
Columbine science hall with a sawed-off shotgun and
why, despite having been named by name as attackers,
CHS students href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/Chris_Morris.jp
g">Chris Morris, href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/Robert_Perry.jp
g">Robert Perry and others were never convicted of
their reported participation in the crime?

Mass shootings continue to directly impact lives all
over the planet so let's reject inaccurate and
potentially misleading articles like "Columbine: Whose
Fault Is It?" and find out more about the real events
of and surrounding the April 20th, 1999 attack on
Columbine High School.

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