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style="font-size: 14pt" size="4">ENGINEERING AND

style="margin-bottom: 0.14in; line-height: 115%"
size="3">The main challenge of
choosing a right
course overwhelms many students. Many questions like/> “Which course is apt for me?” often pop up in
their minds. In
terms of opting for a right
career, it is important to consider the
education paths that you could explore. Whether you
interested in computers or aeronautics,
electronics or mechanics, the
engineering and
technology sector offers a varied range of/> specialization to choose from. The technical
courses in engineering
technology programs are
developed with more application based
Technical courses have labs associated with the
that require practical application of
the studied topics which make
this an
interesting stream.

class="western" style="margin-bottom: 0.14in;
line-height: 115%">lang="zxx">Best/> Engineering Colleges in Delhi

class="western" style="margin-bottom: 0.14in;
line-height: 115%">size="3">Noida
Institute of Engineering and
Technology has come forth in the top ten/> Engineering colleges in Delhi NCR. It is one of the
institutions in the field of engineering
and technology. NIET is a
self financed
institute which offers quality education to the/> students from all over the world. The courses
offered by the
institution include B.Tech, M.
tech and Bio Tech. The B.Tech course
Computer Science Engineering, Electrical and
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,
Civil Engineering, Electronics
and Communication
Engineering, Information Technology, Chemical/> Engineering and Bio Technology. All the courses
offered by the
institution are approved by

style="margin-bottom: 0.14in; line-height: 115%">color="#000080">href="">size="3">Top
Engineering Colleges in

class="western" style="margin-bottom: 0.14in;
line-height: 115%">size="3">Statistics
shows that you require 40%
technical skills and 60% social etiquettes
order to become successful in your career. NIET grooms
technically as well as socially. A
special Pyramid Finishing School
is set up where
students are trained according to the industry/> requirements giving individual students an
all-round improvement in
acquiring skills like
soft skills, life skills, technical skills and/> etiquettes. This is a new process which is solely
implemented by
NIET. So, NIET in terms of
perfection has evolved as one of the best/> private engineering colleges in Noida. The students
are taught the
importance of time management,
teamwork and project management. This
concept has resulted in a high increase in the
employability of
the students.


lang="zxx">href="">style="font-size: 12pt" size="3">Engineering

Colleges in Delhi,

style="margin-bottom: 0.14in; line-height: 115%">style="font-size: 12pt" size="3">The/> infrastructure of NIET is specially constructed to
support the study
system. With eminent faculty,
library, sports area, recreational
transportation and hostel facilities NIET is moving
as a top engineering college in Noida. The
students get placed in the
top notch companies
including the foreign companies. When you think/> of the best placements, think of NIET. NIET degree
is an asset to the
students whose value
continues to increase with time. All NIET/> graduates are distinguished by their sense of
dedication, commitment
and integrity. It is
indeed one of the lang="zxx">href=""><
font style="font-size: 12pt" size="3">top/> engineering colleges in

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line-height: 115%" align="center">

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