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Did the Columbine Killers Code a CHS Level of Doom

Did the Columbine Killers Code a CHS Level of Doom

by Evan Long

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Last Updated 7 January 2009

There's been discussion over whether or not accused
Columbine attackers href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/HK_Dead.jpg">Er
ic Harris and Dylan Klebold coded a level of the
video game, Doom, to resemble the high school they
attended and that, on April 20, 1999, they were
implicated in having shot to pieces.

According to an article by Barbara Mikkelson of the
Snopes web site, a claim had surfaced on the internet
in 1999 that

"One of the boys who murdered his classmates
at Columbine High School prepared by designing new
computer game levels that resembled his school and
peopling them with representations of his

The article in which this is covered is titled, "The
Harris Levels", and in it, Mikkelson labels the claim,


In the years since the official pronouncement that the
conveniently suicided Harris and Klebold acted one
hundred percent alone in planning and perpetrating the
attack on the high school, law enforcement has been
pressured by surviving family members and their
supporters to release approximately thirty thousand
pages of documents created as part of the government
"investigation" of the attack, while yet more documents
remain under the government's lock and key.

In reference to the Doom levels, on page 7,043 of the
release called 11,000 Pages of Investigative Files,
"Student/Faculty Not on Location P-S" section (href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/p7001-7100.pdf"
>JC-001-007043), then-CHS student David Proctor,
who had played the game with the killers via modem, was
reported to have told government "investigators"

"that earlier this year [1999] Harris had
told him he designed a level of Doom that was Columbine
High School."

The Mikkelson article, last updated in 2005, would
therefore be incorrect on a major point of fact.

What's perhaps most noteworthy about it, however, is
that, Proctor's assertion aside, to make the kind of
statement she made, Mikkelson undertook the logical
impossibility of proving the negative in an
incompletely known system.

In other words, even if we didn't have access to the
record of Proctor's alleged statement, we could still
say that Harris and Klebold might have programmed a
level of Doom that resembled CHS and unless someone
could present a record of every computer file ever
produced, it's logically impossible to state with one
hundred percent certainty that they didn't.

This kind of flawed analysis is a weak limb for a
would-be high-profile debunking web site to have gone
out on, so perhaps there was an ulterior motive for the
production of the piece.

If there was, perhaps it's to be found in statements
within it such as

"[T]here's not much to it,

"There's no need to look for any more


"There is no fathoming the heart of the

Statements like these, as well as the more subtle
implication that if Harris' CHS Doom levels didn't make
it into the publicly available repositories of his
other files such as that of Wikipedia, the free
encyclopedia any idiot can edit, they truly must not
exist, serve to communicate the impression that to
venture beyond the official story of the attack is
distinctly verboten.

To follow these suggestions would perhaps mean that one
would never read the government documents to find that
dozens of ear- and eyewitnesses were alleged to have
reported up to ten or more additional attackers at CHS,
including an href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/Chiseled_Face.j
pg">adult in his 30's as well as current and former
CHS students, some of whom some of the witnesses were
able to href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/Chris_Morris.jp
g">name by href="http://www.xmail.net/evanlong/tcc/Robert_Perry.jp

It would also perhaps mean that one would never
discover that the police and FBI "investigation" of the
attack seems to have consisted mainly of subjecting
these witnesses to repeated reinterviews during which
they were actively pressured to change their

In any case, it is entirely within our power now to
take it upon ourselves to decisively and forcefully
reject inaccurate and potentially misleading articles
like "The Harris Levels" and to find out more about the
real events of and surrounding the attack on Columbine.

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