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the girl who wants to change india.

Girl who wants to change India ,

The word politics over the years as turned synonymous
to corruption and filth. Usually when I discuss
politics with city dwelling youth or even sometimes
"mid life dwells"(apart from our grandfather types)
they seldom have a clue. Nevertheless, they usually
have the audacity to make fun of the system, politics,
and politicians. I do not blame them but how many of us
really try to understand the "System" that which is
providing us, we pay our taxes to. If we have problem
with the system how many of us really stand up to
change it. Here I met this girl in small village in
Punjab. She says is it all.  

check her out :

Politics: The art or science of government or
governing, especially the governing of a political
entity, such as a nation, and the administration and
control of its internal and external


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