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Your Eyes - United Desis

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As the name suggests United Desis is simply an amalgamation of eclectic desis. Representing Mumbai, United Desis is a unified voice that blends the difference and creates a new genre of music. Coming from the Suburbs of Mumbai Ques?ion and Graffiti Culprit, the two young rappers that make up the United Desis herewith put Mumbai/ India on the map as the “NEW WEST SIDE”. Affiliated with the group is the beat maker RSC a.k.a. “Rabbit Sack C”( Sweet Rabbit ENT.) who in addition hails from a different culture, gives a pristine sound for their album and together for the love of hip-hop music and hip hoppers all over the world, they bring a foot tapping, club banging party album titled the
“Desi Game”. http://www.uniteddesis.com/

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Date: 27th Aug 08

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