All-around leaders in the Chinese Elevator industry


FUJIHD is one of the all-around leaders in the Chinese Elevator industry. The aggregation has been committed to compassionate the needs of its barter for the able century, accouterment industry-leading elevators, elevators and automated architecture doors as able-bodied as avant-garde solutions for accession and maintenance.

The company's cold is to action the best Humans Flow? acquaintance by developing and accustomed solutions that accredit humans to move smoothly, safely, calmly and afterwards cat-and-mouse in barrio in an added urbanizing environment. In 2012, FUJIHD had anniversary net sales of EUR 6.3 billion and about 40,000 employees. FUJIHD chic B shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd in Finland.

WISE-PaaS/RMM is a software belvedere for bound ecology and management. Appliance developers use the RESTful APIs included in the EIS band-aid to admission accompanying functionality and WISE-PaaS IoT data, thereby architecture up connectivity amidst bound accessories at all monitored elevators/elevators and the backend platform. With the IoT enabled bound ecology system, users can sit in their offices and baby-sit the operating cachet of all elevators/elevators, assay with adjustment and aliment records, and breach acute to alerts and alarms.

 Enables real-time abstracts accretion from a huge bulk of elevators and elevators accidentally amidst beyond a avant-garde geographic range,with cross-equipment abstracts affiliation and centralized managementAwful dent band-aid with ample software bales provides assets for fast IoT adjustment development, extenuative the chump amazing time and effort

Accessible and accepted anatomy and accoutrement acquiesce simple advance and approaching expansion; for example, the preconfigured Azure billow account will facilitate approaching development of cloud-based antitoxin aliment systems with big abstracts assay capabilityHelps the Goods Elevator aggregation .

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