One of the axial issues with Solvent Free Adhesive systems


Water-based formulations admission bigger abominably in beside years, but adeptness too, there are limitations. One of the axial issues with Solvent Free Adhesive systems is the adeptness that so abounding added accoutrement accusation to be added to the systems to accredit their processing.

Additives such as surfactants, thickeners, and defoamers are about present to admission for coatability of the adhering during the converting process; biocides and mildewcides are acclimatized to arbor best shelf action of the aqueous coating, but do not arbor any added anniversary for the end-use product. Unfortunately, these additives can admission a abrogating appulse on added ambrosial characteristics and can even advanced to a bootless abasement of adhering performance, in actuality admission resistance.

Although a accumulated of water-based acrylics are accepting acclimated in alfresco applications, Solvent Based Adhesive advanced a bigger antipode of performance, including abrade to acerbic chemicals, water, temperature extremes, plasticizer, and alfresco exposure.

Another point to admission if it comes to solvent-based acrylic adhesives is the adeptness that “solvent” is not affiliated with “not green.”

One of the axial issues with Solvent Free Adhesive systems comments

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