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Soedesco and offering tons of NFL 18 Coins puzzles that will require the Runescape player to run, sprint, magnetize and electrocute their way through in order to discover the hidden secrets of a mysterious tower.We first heard about Teslagrad earlier this year, but now the developers at Rain Runescape games and publisher Soedesco are revealing a few additional details, including the fact that the Runescape game will eventually be launching on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita,


Nintendo Wii U and a retail version for PC. “Can you discover the secrts of the long abandoned Tesla Tower,” asks Soedesco. “Teslagrad is a 2D puzzles platformer with action. Where magnetism and electromagnetic powers are gained throughout the Runescape game and must be used to overcome the Runescape game’s challenges and explore the long-abandoned Tesla Tower.” You can get a taste of the Runescape game with the launch trailer below.the Runescape game is billed as being set in a steam punk version of old Europe, though it looks like electro punk might be a more apt description.


While set in a 2D world, the Runescape game looks to draw inspiration from titles like BioShock in regards to aesthetics, and Portal or Rochard when it comes to mechanics. That’s not to say that Teslagrad doesn’t also look like a fun and unique game, just trying to find a decent reference for those of you unwilling to click the play button on the Runescape video embedded above.According to Rain Runescape games’


Peter Wingaard Meldahl, Teslagrad is a title his studio poured a lot of love and energy into, and they’re looking forward to it reaching a bigger audience than just those who are into downloading Runescape games on PC.“This is our first release, and we are mighty proud of the reception it has gotten,” he said. “To me, there is still nothing more heartwarming than seeing someone discover the mysteries of Buy NFL 18 Coins  Teslagrad for the first time.”

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