his season, he tests Buy NBA Live Coins the limits of human discipline, endurance and attention. And unfortunately for future opponents and fans flying hundreds of miles to watch their teams play the Oklahoma City Thunder, he's only getting better at maximizing this effect.It's been spectacular to watch Westbrook's style Cheap NBA 2K18 MT grow over the years. Rather than trying to force Westbrook to become a different type of player in order to fit a stereotypical point guard mold, the Thunder have embraced his hyper-speed approach. They understood that letting him loose allows them to work within the panic that he causes.Because of the fear that he provokes, trying to defend him with however many players is only feasible on th

e whiteboard. It's an example of everyone having a plan until they're punched in the mouth. Fear kills strategy.When Westbrook is barreling towards players who haven't even had a chance to set their feet, let alone initiate a double-team, the initial game plan goes out of the window and is replaced by a sense of desperation. A state that many tasked with defending Westbrook now know well.* * *This Westbrook shot from Saturday is so bonkers the NBA should count itBucks outlast Suns, 105-94 -


  Tom Izzo has spent his 21 years at Michigan State building the most bulletproof coaching résumé in the country. Nineteen consecutive trips to the NCAA Tournament, seven Big Ten titles, seven Final Four appearances and a national championship in 2000. The wayIzzo has done it makes his run in East Lansing even more impressive.During a time when contemporaries like Duke, Kentuck

y and Kansas have served as direct prep-to-pro pipelines, Izzo has primarily found his success with four-year players. Zach Randolph is the only one-and-done he's ever coached. Since 2004, Izzo has recruited a McDonald's All-American as many times as he's gone to the Final Four (four).But make no mistake: like every other coach in the country, Izzo is always willing to take the most talented players. He's just routinely come up a bit short. Jabari Parker,Cliff Alexander, Devin Booker, Tyler Ulis and Caleb Swanigan are among the recent five-star recruits MSU has finished second for.Now that's starting to change.Izzo has the best recruiting class of his career coming in next season,a group that only ranks behind Duke and Kentucky'smonster classes and can still get better. Michigan State has four top-50 players signed, led by McDonald's All-Americans Miles Bridges and Josh Langford. It's the first time since 2003 Izzo has had multiple McDonald's All-Americans in the sam