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The entire playing NBA 2K18 MT field fitted inside his shoes. The pitch was born in his feet and in his feet grew. From goal to goal, Alfredo Di Stefano ran over and over the pitch" wrote Eduardo Galeano of the Argentine born who would one day win the Best European Footballer of all time accolade. Galeano continues: "With the ball at his feet, changing fronts, changing rhythms, from restful trot to unstoppable cyclon; without the ball, losing his mark toward the empty spaces and looking for air whenever a game started to choke."


Archive footage exists showing the graceful elegance of the man many regard as the inventor of modern football. A player who truly covered all areas, albeit from a time when many often had to do so -- "I've even played in goal" he once told me laughing, "Carrizo was injured and in those days there were no substitutions allowed so I just had to step in and be goalie" -- he is better known as a forward and holds impressive goal scoring records: 227 goals in 329 games in Spain make him the Spainish league's third all-time leading scorer.


A further 216 goals in 282 matches for Real Madrid make him the club's leading league goal scorer of all time. It was Santiago Bernabeu himself who personally chose Di Stefano as a player for the team which would rule Europe halfway through last century. "Every great team must have at least two Argentines and no English player" Bernabeu pronounced controversially. Now, history says his is the name of the stadium and Alfredo Di Stefano it's greatest living legend.


Barcelona by contrast does not have a similar individual legend whose name is so closely identified with the club. "Neither the Hungarian Ladislao Kibala, nor César Rodríguez (the top goal scorer). Neither wise man [Johan] Kruyff, nor Luis Suárez. Nor any of the more recent ullustrious foreigners: Maradona, Hristo Stoitchkov, Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto'o. And the list goes on" wrote eminent columnist Bertolotto, who claims that aged 23, Messi is already becoming synonymous with Buy NBA 2K18 MT the club.

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