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Barkley also agrees, and NBA Live Coins offers up the definitive quote on the matter "When a man stands over you, you have a moral obligation to punch him in the balls."The NBA Where Nutshots HappenOH NO! Steph Curry is really trying soooo hard to change our minds about his new shoes!WITHOUT DRAY Zach Lowe breaks down the Warriors' defense and what the team will have to do without


Really nice Alex Wong story about how LeBron has become the culture of Cleveland.RUDE Jordan used to hustle Pippen on Jumbotron races that had been prerecorded. I feel like Jordan should buy Pipp a car or something to get his gambling karma right.STARTED AT THE BOTTOM, WE STILL HERE Atlas Obscura digs into what it's like blogging about one of the worst teams ever. Via REDEF.That's all for now. Happy Monday and see you next time.Mitt Romney donned wrestling tights, a cape and a luchador mask for charity -


Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. GiveSight25 wsZjPudxMJ— Mitt Romney (MittRomney) June 12, 2016On a quiet Saturday evening, former Republican presidential nominee tweeted out a few words that many had hoped to hear. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." It could have been the proverbial equivalent to Michael Jordan's "I'm back," when the NBA legend announced his return to basketball in 1995.


The words could have been impactful if not unquestionably theatric. It's almost like a wrestling promo announcing his next grudge match at a pay-per-vew. So it's no surprise to see Romney in the middle of a ring in baby blue tights, raising the hands of two luchadors.In reality, Mitt Romney was doing this for NBA 2K MT Coins charityaccording to ABC 4 Utah. The event hoped to raise a million dollars for charity in order to cure blindness.           &nbs p;