And this particular doctor has NBA Live Coins


And this particular doctor has had the same regiment with other athletes. So, this is nothing that is new. It's NBA Live Coins not groundbreaking. We're not reinventing the wheel here. It's pretty standard. It’s been proven. Guys have played on it. Like I said, for anybody to have worries, there are guys playing basketball and hockey and football [with this regiment]."Bosh only mentioned Fleischmann, but here are some other athletes he could have named


Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, MLB PitcherThe former Red Sox pitcher was diagnosed with circulatory problems caused by blood clotting in the axillary artery in 1988, but continued to play until 1995 while using blood thinners. He used to inject himself with heparin sodium after every game and three more times in the following 36 hours, according to reports. He continued to be an effective pitcher for several years after being diagnosed.           &nbs p;    


Kimmo Timonen, NHL defensemanTimonen was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis after a blood clot was found on his leg in 2014. He was expected to retire, but decided to play one more season to go out on his own terms. In order to do so, he had to inject himself with blood thinners. Timonen was traded from the Flyers to the Blackhawks in his final season. He played in 16 games and won the Stanley Cup before finally calling it a career.


Tomas Fleischmann, NHL wingerAs Bosh mentioned, Fleischmann was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism in January of 2011 and missed the rest of the Avalanche's season. He had suffered from clotting in his leg in 2010, as well. He was told that he might never play again, but managed to remain active by taking blood thinners after Cheap NBA 2K18 MT practices and games and by MTnba2k wearing a rubberized suit when flying, according to Fox Sports' Jameson Olive.