Rubber Drive Belts


What’s it do? The “technical” part

The PK Belt is capital to the operation of your car’s engine. There are two capital “shafts” in your engine, the Crankshaft, and the Camshaft. The timing belt connects these two shafts and makes them changeabout calm at the acclimatized “time” (similar to the way a bike alternation connects the pedals to the ashamed wheel). This makes constant all the added aliment in the motor (like valves and pistons) are jumping and angled at just the acclimatized “time”. Hence the name…”timing” belt.

What happens if it breaks?

The timing belt is bogus of rubber, eventually it rots, and breaks. If this happens, your car stops. You acquire to get the car towed because it won’t alpha until the engine is “re-timed”, and the belt replaced. With some cars you can alter the belt and that’s the end of it, with added cars, it’s just the alpha of sorrows…

The “Valve Benders”

Dazhong Rubber Belt Co.LTD was founded in the 1980s and takes a leading position in the industry. It is a professional large high-tech enterprise specializes in producing Timing belt, V-belt, PK belt, CVT belt, industrial timing belt and cutting V-belt etc.

The company has all series of imported equipments and production lines, such as international advanced level pre-belt precision molding machine, refining production lines, V Belt Global Supply production line, Injection molding machine and inspection, testing equipments etc, which make us stand on the top level of the world in production technology and equipment.

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