one modder decided to inject Hot


One of the benefits of Street Fighter 5Sbeing available on PC is the fact that modders can go in and change how    NFL Coins   the game functions, performs, and even how it looks. In this case, one modder decided to inject Hot Ryu into both Laura’s and 

 Mika’s movesets, and the outcome is pure Internet gold.Now -- this isn’t just a regular, old Ryu performing these moves. It’s Hot Ryu, which the Internet Cheap NFL Coins has gone gaga over ever since he was first introduced. That means while his move s may seem funny to most, there are some of you out there who will absolutely swoon over his performance.The video below shows

Hot Ryu performing the intro of both Laura and R. Mika, their Critical Arts, and R. Mika’s winning animation. While Laura’s intro is hilarious to see Hot Ryu perform, R. Mika’s Critical Arts and winning animations are the absolute best.And for your convenience, the creator of the video created some GIFs of it in action:Let's not forget Ken's flirty wink during Hot Ryu's winning animationWELCOME TO