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enjoyable as anything Nintendo has provided before."The big theme for us is to provide new and fascinating human relationships composed of various networks, a real network with those close to you, a virtual network with those distant from you, and networks beyond description created by your experiences of  NBA Live Mobile Coins sharing the same place with someone or of visiting certain places and specifically provided by SpotPass and StreetPass," he concluded.


[This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Buy NBA Live Coins Ben Abraham on topics including Limbo's themes compared with Cormack McCarthy's The Road, social games giving you nothing for nothing, and more.]Another week, another selection of the most interesting piece of games writing from around the blogipelago. Let's see what the cat dragged inÂ…First must-read (or must see, in this case) this week is Greg J. Smith at Serial Consign


at a series of videos analyzing the spatial geography of the sets in Kubrik's The Shining and how they 'cheat' the real world. The relevance to games should be reasonably obvious, and the video opens with a discussion of a game-rendered version of the Overlook Hotel. Smith says,"Leave it to the FPS-modding community to have discovered anomalies in the production design of film from 1980. What would you call porting the Overlook Hotel into gamespace anyway,


spatial archeology?"Next up is Eric Lockaby writing for Nightmare Mode with a brief history of mmogo pressing start: "The title screen, on a deep structural level, represents the threshold between our world and the gameworld. It can't just simply stop meaning, can it? And if so, what could have caused such a fracture? Boredom? Apathy?"At the Whim Syllables blog, Robin V responds to a series of posts from across the blogosphere from a few months back, discussing why he thinks "

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