MOBA that will allow players to watch the on screen action


The potential for virtual reality is intriguing, especially the immersiveness of playing in the game world. But what if you just want to watch? Valve apparently will have that covered in an   NBA 2K18 MT    upcoming VR spectator mode for DOTA 2.In conjunction with today's launch of the HTC Vive, Valve has released a video(via Eurogamer)showing a theater mode for the popular

 MOBA that will allow players to watch the on screen action while surrounded by the heroes in play and what appears to be a real-time map of the battle. It appears that you can point to a hearo to look at gear and builds, and also jump tothem in action in the game. Focusing on the map will also offer details of Buy NBA 2K18 MT  objectives and how the teams are doing in accomplishing team goals.Nothing was said about the mode other than the visual tease, so a release date is pure speculation at this point. But man, the future of

VR sure looks like something I want to be a part of. Visit Chatty to Join The Conversation.What do Destiny players want? Private matches! When do they want them? Immediately, if not sooner!Well, too bad. Community manager Dave Dague confirmed in a tweetthat private matches are not in the pipe for Destiny's impending April update, due next Tuesday, the 12th. WELCOME TO