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Working out the full cos ..

An energy efficient ice makers commercial may cost more to start, but save you money in the long term. Self-contained ice machines are often costlier to install, particularly undercounter models, unless you get a modular commercial ice makers for sale with a remote condenser, which is the most involved and costly installation option.Working out the full cost of your commercial undercounter ice maker is much more complicated than looking at the sticker price, so take some time to work out all the installation and long-term costs as well before you make your final decision.SpeedWhen you’re in the middle of the lunch rush and the ice your machine made this morning is starting to dwindle, how quickly will the machine make new ice to restock your supply? An ice maker with a high production rate will produce new ice faster, helping you keep up the supply levels you need during busy times.All ice machines you look at should note the production rate in their marketing. The numbers they use tell you how much ice they produce within 24 hours, but keep in mind that their calculations are based on using the commercial countertop ice maker in the ideal environment. If yours will be located somewhere that gets hotter than 70°F, you should expect the production rate listed to decrease accordingly.Not every commercial kitchen needs an commercial undercounter ice makers with a high production rate, especially if you go for one with a big enough storage capacity. If you plan to keep enough ice consistently stored to meet your needs, then you’ll be set even if it takes longer to make more ice. If you’re making do with a small amount of storage space for your ice, then a higher production rate will likely pay off.Power SourceFreezing water and maintaining the temperatures...

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Best Price FZB Centifuga ..

Overview :Commonidity : Centifugal self-priming pumpBrand : "South Pump "brand Model No: FZB SeriesIIt is designed and manufactured depanding on international standard and conbine Non-metal industrial vacuum pumps.pump body are metal inserts covered by fluoroplastic lining , The whole over-current components are manufactured by fluoroplastic alloy. The industrial vacuum pump cover and impellers are overall fired- pressed by metal covered by fluoroplastic outside. The shaft seal use externally mounted advanced bellows mechanical seal . stator ring(a part of mechanical seal ) is made of alumina ceramics (or Silicon carbide ) 99.9% , Rotor ring is filled with PTFE Materials , so it is has an strongly corrosio-rsistant ,wear resistance and good tightness. Inlet and outlet of pump are strengthened by cast iron to increase the pressure resistance .After the acutally application usage , we find that this industrial vacuum pumps for sale has a lot of advantages , including corrosion-resistant , wear-resistant , high temperature resistant ,non-aging , mechanical strength , smooth operation , advanced and reasonable structure ,good tightness and easily to remove and maintain ,long life.etc.. Products Structure :  Usage :FZB Fluoro plastic industrial vacuum pump for sale is self-priming , you just need one time to fill liquid in pump when used for the first time . it is not neccessarily to fill liquid when you use it again . so it can reduce workload . It is widely used in transmitting strongly corrosion mediums ,chemical , pesticides, acid and alkali manufacturering ,paper-making ,electronic ,waste water treatment.The self-priming height depending on medium density between 2 m to 4 m .it is the best choose to replace heavy underwater vacuum pump for sale.  Working temperature:-20℃~150℃  Flow:8m3/h~1000m3/h  Head :15m~45m

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HMC-40S/2 horizontal mac ..

DescriptionHMC-40S/2 biaxial horizontal machining centers is the company's independent design leading products, using the whole movable column bed structure of international fashion. The whole structure of layout is reasonable. It has high strength, rigidity and stability. And the maintenance process is good enough. After repeated experiments, the dynamic performance and the accuracy of motion of the machining center is good. The machining accuracy is stable and good. Contour milling and plane milling can be completed in one time. Four faces can be milling, drilling, reaming, boring, reaming, tapping etc. It is most suitable for medium and small batch, multi variety of box parts and the processing of complex shape surface. It can Save craft equipment, shorten the production cycle, improve processing accuracy. Widely used in mechanical and electronic departments. Efficiency1. Two HMC working simultaneously on opposite face; 2. Production time will be half than normal way Precision1. High running accuracy, positioning accuracy and long-term accuracy2. Dynamic direct drivers and precision guides3. All working steps on a piece will be finished under once loading vertical machining centers (VMCs) remain machine shop staples. These milling machines have vertically oriented spindles that approach workpieces mounted on their table from above and commonly perform 2.5- or 3-axis machining operations. They are less costly than horizontal machining centers (HMCs), which makes them attractive to small job shops as well as larger vertical machining center. In addition, the performance of these cnc vertical machining centers has increased over the years, leveraging technologies such as high-speed spindles and advanced CNC capabilities (including conversational control programming). Ancillary equipment is also available to increase the flexibility and capability of these machines, including spindle speeders, angle heads, tool- and part-probes, quick-change workholding devices, and rotary indexers to enable four- or cnc vertical machining center work.

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VMC-1058 vertical machin ..

VMC-1058 series of high rigidity and large stroke vertical cnc vertical machining centers, it is suitable for automotive cylinder head ,cover body and mold processing, having five characteristics.1. the good rigid, the cnc vertical machining center VMC-1058 weight heavier than 2.5 tons of similar models, conventional models weight of 6 tons, VMC-1058 weight of 8.5 tons.2. strong workbench maximum load bearing capacity weigh 200kg more than the similar type,VMC-1058 carry 800kg.3. the cutting ability is strong.The spindle power is 11/15 kw.The cutting ability is strong while the spindle power of the common model is 7.5/11kw.4. the vertical distance is long enough,the processing range is wider,the distance is 200mm longer than the Z axis of the common model.The distance of the common models’ Z axis is 500mm while the distance of the VMC-1058 is 700mm,it is suitable for cnc machining centers.5. The chip removal is convenient and the leak proof is strong. On the basic castings casted with chip removal cnc machining center and can be installed directly on the spiral chip removal device, the chip removal effect is good. We can cast the water proof tank on the basic castings without dropping any water while we install the sheet-metal. We can install it on the side so we can achieve the requirements of sealing without the sealant.

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