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       This is Kandyandrew here I share my experience in media field i started a new media firm, so I need transcriber to transcribe video and documentary films, I searched companies who deliver Quality, Cost effective with Reliable TAT(Turn Arround Time. I found lot companies but some criteria was missing, my friend Jennifer referred a company name is Transcriptionsservice.        Really i thank them for all the excellent transcription they carried out on the interviews I did over the past 2 years.  I really felt that this special data given by people so generously was safe in your hands.  Also, the job of doing the final editing was made easier due to the high quality transcribing you did.   Look at this website http://www.transcriptionsservice.com

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Quality Transcription

Interview Transcription     Interview Transcription at http://www.transcriptionsservice.com/interview.html . Interview services is one of the most important paradigms of general transcription that we have been handling. Like general transcription, interview transcription is an extremely broad term that encompasses a wide number of types within it. We have acquired a formidable experience in the transcription of all of these types of interview. That, along with our irresistible pricing makes us the best option for interview transcribing.  At  Have a look at some of our service features: Prices pegged at a lowly 40% of those of US-based servicesVarious turnaround time packages to choose fromExperience in transcribing for projects from clients cutting across scales and domainsThe confidentiality of your recordings shall be respected Interviews are of varying types, some consisting of just two participants while others having many, almost resembling a discussion. As the number of participants increase, so does the complexity of the interview recordings increase, from the point of view of transcription. Over this, if the recording quality is not the best possible one then the transcriptioning becomes tougher than ever. That’s when one needs to trust a transcription company that has handled such interview recordings. Our transcriptionists have extensive experience in transcribing such interview recordings. We have an infrastructure that’s robust and perfectly suited to deliver transcripts of the best quality and within the timeframe agreed upon. The 24/7 support services will help you stay in the loop with your transcription process. A brief list of the types of interviews we have transcribed for, is as follows: one to one interviewsmultiple participant interviewsgroup discussionspolice interviewslegal interviewsdepositionstelephone call recordingsmarketing based interviews and researchfocus group interviewsjob interviewsindustry or market surveysbusiness meetingstelevision interviewsradio interviewsjournalist's interviewspress briefingsinterviews or dictations for books and articlespsychological interviewsmeetingcorporate transcriptionscorporate quarterly earnings ...

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