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Famous Script writer Joh ..

About John Misto John Misto based in Sydney, Australia was born on 13 October, 1952, and become a prolific Playwright, Scriptwriter, and Author for the age group 7-12. John Misto is a world famous writer known for his extensive credits in writing plays and scripts for the theatre, film and television. He graduated in Arts/Law degree at the University of New South Wales. Before starting his career as a full time writer in 1981 John also worked with New South Wales Privacy Committee as a lawyer. His television series and other writings are not only appreciated and recognized throughout Australia but internationally. John Misto wrote most fascinating and amazing stories for the children some inspired from the real time experiences and others represent his creative and artistic form of his magical imagination. Best Play- The Shoe-Horn Sonata. The Shoe-Horn Sonata is a multi-award winning best play of John Misto which was repeatedly performed at Australian theaters. John wanted that world should know about the heroism of Australian nurses during the World War 2. This was inspired from the real life experiences of the nurses imprisoned by the Japanese Army after the fall of Singapore in l942.  The Shoe-Horn Sonata is the story of nurses who lived in very disgraceful conditions. However, some were brought back to Australia and some died of illness and malnutrition or were drowned or been shot dead. John wanted Australians to remember them even after fifty years of the end of World War by building a memorial for them. After winning the highest prize money of $20,000 with this play in 1995 he donated all the money to Australian Nurses' National Memorial Fund to build a memorial for the nurses. This play was reproduced 14 times and broadly studied in schools in NSW. He visited many times in Australian schools to talk about his play. Comprehensive Write Ups And Achievements. John Misto won many awards for his writings such as- Ø  In 2002 Rodney Seaborn Playwrights' Award- for HARP ON THE WILLOW. Ø ...

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