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Fujihd Elevator Use Ener ..

ENVIRONMENT of Professional Elevator Company Fujihd, HENGDA FUJI USE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY TO SAVE ENERGY AND PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT. We have made great efforts in environmental protection to make effective use of resources. Our products can effectively save energy and reduce emissions, creating a green environment. Our worldwide production base meets the latest international environmental standards. PERMANENT MAGNET SYNCHRONOUS GEARLESS TRACTION MACHINE We choose rare earth material and fully combine coaxial transmission technology and digital variable frequency technology with group computer combined control technology. With less running cost & less energy dissipated. Compared with the ordinary and traditional technology, gearless traction machine can save more than 33% of the energy. Gearless traction machine needs no renewal of lubricant. Without grease pollution, low noise, quiet & natural. Elevator and Escalator Company FUJI CONTROL SYSTEM Integral control system represents the developing orientation of the elevator control system. It is new generation intellectual vector type integral control system. It covers distance control, direct parking, closed-loop vector control technology, CANBUS communication technology, multi-CPU running technology and applies C and assembly language programming. It perfectly combines the contemporary industrial control technology, communication technology and traditional elevator. Compared with the traditional elevator control. ENERGY FEEDBACK SYSTEM(OPTIONAL) Elevator adheres to energy-saving and environment protection product-development ideas. It creatively applies energy feedback technology to passenger elevator. It applies the most advanced energy regenerating theory in the world and effectively converts potential energy in the elevator running to electric energy so as to feed back to electric grid. It greatly reduces the harmonic pollution to power source and fulfills re-generation and re-utilization of the energy. AUTOMATIC LIGHTING OF LED ENERGY-SAVING LAMP We use energy-saving LED lamp. When nobody uses the elevator, the lighting in the car will turn off automatically & automatically turn on once receiving any calling commands. Saving the electricity energy consumption sufficiently. GROUP CONTROL MANAGING...

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