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7 Master Secrets To Becoming A Distinguished Unive

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Pillars That Govern Your ..

A vast majority of Christians become discouraged as they journey through life. At times the journey could be very challenging, but there are incredible rewards for those who endure until the end. Jesus said he will not put more on us than we can bear. It is God's intention to makes us strong. For you as a Christian to endure the hardships of life, it is critical that you understand the intention and the purpose of God for bringing us through the process. 1. Foundations A large number of spiritual calamities among believers can be attributed to inadequate foundations. Jesus warned us not to build on sand but on the solid foundation. In the church, there is so much teaching on finance relationships and success, and that is all built on sand or false foundations. The most critical part of a house or any building structure is a foundation. Foundations determine the height of a building. Your foundation is critical. It will determine your destiny. No foundation, no future. 2. Faith The bible says, the just shall live by faith. If you are going to live by something, it is critical that you understand what it is. Ephesians 6:3 says, above all, that means in addition to all, take up the shield of faith that you will be able to extinguish all the flaming missiles of the evil one. The implication is that, missiles are coming. They have your address, shoe size and blood type. They are tailor-made with your weakness in mind. Their guidance system has your DNA and genetic code. Your faith is a shield that prevents the penetration. Your shield registers pressure, but pressure does not mean penetration. You feel the pressure of discouragement, you feel the pressure of fear, but just because you feel it does not mean it has gotten through. Feeling the pressure and having penetration from the attack are two different things. Just because you feel...

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Mistakes You Cannot Affo ..

Success means different things to different people. How is success different from significance? In general terms, success is making satisfying steps towards the direction of the future you envision. Success can also be defined as the completion of anything intended. It is finishing what you planned to do. Significance has to do with impacting others through your success. It could be your relatives, your city, your nation and the world at large. It is important to understand that success can be modelled. This means that we can identify those that are successful in the area of our pursuit and adopt their successful strategies and skills into our own lives to succeed in our endeavours. For you to succeed, your life has to have a clear direction and focus. Can you imagine a football game with no goals in mind? Would you imagine with me for a moment a ruby game or marathon with no target in mind? Picture a flight that has taken off with no destination in mind. Imagine jumping into a car and start driving with no destination in mind. This is how a vast majority of people live their lives. They have no clear direction. They just exist. They are survivals. They have not started living. Their life is scattered all over the place. They have not learnt to focus their energies on what is of utmost value and importance to them. Attempting to do many things at the same time always results to failure. Now, there are frequent mistakes that the majority of people make. I will mention just a few amongst many. These are: 1. Lack of preparation Good success begins with preparation. Nothing happens without a causal effect. Preparation is paramount. The quality of your preparation will always be a determinant of the quality of your performance. Proper preparation promotes proper performance. Improper preparation promotes improper performance. Remember that you are not born qualified, you must become...

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Ingredients of Success

A study by Harvard University found that when a person gets a job, 85 percent of the time, it is because of their attitude. Only 15 percent of the time, because of how smart they are and how many facts and figures they know. As a university or college student, what is your attitude towards your future? Your attitude will always be a determinant of your altitude in life. A great future and a distinguished life will not merely happen. It will require that you develop a clear vision and set goals that will take closer to your dreams. In 1952, the same university discovered that only 3 out of 100 graduates had written down a clear list of their goals. In years later, their follow up study showed that 3 percent of the graduating class had accomplished more financially than the remaining 97 percent of the class. Those 3 percent were the same graduates who had written down their goals. When you write down your goal, statisticians say, you increase a chance of obtaining it by 90 percent. Helen Keller who was born blind and deaf, said, "The greatest tragedy to befall a person is to have sight but lack vision". What is a vision? A vision is a preferred future. It is a clear mental picture of what could be. What is your vision? What do you see yourself doing in the future? As a university or college student, I urge you to dream big. Begin to elevate the picture of your future. You can't think of catching mice and expect to catch lions. Vision is of paramount importance. It translates into purpose. Your vision is your future. A person without a vision is a person without a future. A person without a future will always go back to his past. It is critical that you develop a clear and succinct vision for your life. Why do you exist? Your...

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How To Stay Motivated

You can never rise to the highest level of success in life without motivation. Many people have abandoned their greatest dreams and vision due to the lack of motivation to achieve those dreams. There are people right now in their graves who had great aspirations that never came into fruition. They were desirous, seeing themselves doing great things with their lives. They were passionate with their dreams. They took time to invest into their dreams. Nevertheless, along the way they lost the motivation to achieve their dreams. It happens to everybody. The most motivated person today can easily lose his or her motivation in the future. The key to success is staying motivated. There has to be constant motivation. The vast majority of people become motivated when they are in the presence of certain people. There is absolutely nothing wrong about this. The question is, can you stay motivated when there is no one around you to offer the encouragement? One of the things you will need to learn is to encourage yourself when there is nobody around you to offer the encouragement. You will not always have people around you. Sometimes the very same people that are around you can talk you out of your dreams and desires. They will not always agree with you. The reason is that they don't see what you see. They don't hear what you hear. They don't feel what you feel. What if everybody disagrees with your dreams and goals? Do you have enough courage inside you to rise above their critical voices? You see, if you want to climb the highest heights of success you will need to learn to encourage yourself. I have come to realize in my own life that I can never blame anybody for my failures. I am responsible for everything that pertains to my life. If I fail, it will be because I have chosen to do so....

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